Certification Application Set to Proceed

The Certification Application looks as though it is set to proceed next week in front of Madam Justice Griffin of the BC Supreme Court.

On Monday morning, the Court will post its schedule at the below link, but the link shows the hearings set for that day, so nothing about our action will appear before then:

Click to access websitelist.pdf

This will enable class members (indeed any member of the public) to see what Courtroom we will be in, should they wish to observe.

At this application, we will ask Her Ladyship to certify the class, so that we can proceed toward trial as a group.

Justice Susan Griffin Assigned to case

Madam Justice Susan Griffin has been assigned to our case.

In the first appearance, Chris Drinovz and Blair Curtis successfully advocated in front of her Ladyship for the Defendant filing a Response to Civil Claim, and a schedule for the next steps in the proceeding.

There are several smaller procedural steps along the way, culminating in a certification application currently set to occur in front of Griffin, J. on February 22, 23, 24 of 2016.

Application for assignment of a judge

We have filed an application for assignment of a judge with the B.C. Supreme Court Registry.  The purpose of this application is to set out at the beginning of the matter a reasonable time line for taking the steps needed to advance the litigation.  We have not yet had a judge assigned, but we expect this will happen shortly.

Class action is “Lawsuit of the week” in BIV Magazine

This case has already drawn some media attention.  See the full article here:

Our information is that 92 persons were terminated simultaneously by Sears on or around March 2, 2013.  If you know any of these people, we encourage you to put them in touch with us in order to canvass their potential rights in this class action.


Counsel in this class action have been retained by the proposed representative plaintiff to pursue this action as a class proceeding. Their retainer is limited to issues which apply to the class as a whole. Unless you have a written retainer agreement with a member of the legal team, no member of the legal team has taken on the responsibility to advise you with respect to your individual circumstances, including whether or not you should participate in this class action.