Who we are

Two law firms are working to forward the interests of the class.  Both firms practice in the area of employment law.


FV Employment & Disability Law is the primary point of contact for prospective class members.  Its lawyers specialize in employment matters and bring many years of success, perspective and experience to the proceeding.

TGC Logo


Tevlin Gleadle Curtis Employment Law Strategies is working with FV, but FV is the point of contact for class members.  Tevlin Gleadle Curtis has been one of the most active firms in British Columbia’s history in forwarding class actions in the Employment Law context.

Together we seek a fair resolution for all class members whether through negotiation, or litigation.



Counsel in this class action have been retained by the proposed representative plaintiff to pursue this action as a class proceeding. Their retainer is limited to issues which apply to the class as a whole. Unless you have a written retainer agreement with a member of the legal team, no member of the legal team has taken on the responsibility to advise you with respect to your individual circumstances, including whether or not you should participate in this class action.


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